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Specialized Services - Forest Machinery Applications

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The business of timber harvesting is both rewarding and challenging. Change is a constant, which necessitates quick adaptations to remain profitable. This is true whether you are a timber-harvesting contractor, forest machinery dealer, forest machinery manufacturer, or forest manager. More often than not, we are all invested in the way we currently operate; but do we really know the true basis of our current operating costs? And do we know which parts of our operations are efficient and those that need improvement?

Capital expenditure for development and acquisition of timber harvesting machinery is increasing rapidly. With a foundation of high fixed costs, it is imperative that forest machinery is designed and deployed to return a profit to the manufacturer, dealer and, end-user. Each of the three legs of the stool has to be sound, or the business goes elsewhere…

We offer integrated consulting services to assist you in meeting the challenges of the future.

Education & Training Seminars:

Whether you are a machinery dealership, machinery manufacturer, forest manager, wood products manufacturer, or forestry contractor, we all need to better understand the "business" of forestry, timber harvesting, and wood products manufacturing. Our Business Seminars empower you and your employees to better understand the three legs of the stool and better appreciate the nuances of each other’s roles and challenges. Seminars can be customized to meet your needs and particular audiences, and are suitable for groups of up to 50 participants.

Business Analysis:

We can assist you in designing systems to collect data and analyze both fixed and activity costs associated with all phases of your business. This can be as simple as designing a new employee time card, to gather relevant information or the design and integration of open-source spreadsheet programs into your business management systems. These systems are designed to dovetail with our GPS-based activity cost data acquisition systems.

Field & Office Computer Systems:

User-friendly computer hardware and software to empower you to manage your business in less time and with less hassle. We can help your office and field personnel design and coordinate their necessary computer files and reports so that data is transferred without delay and duplication.

Activity Costing and Work-Study:

We can assist you in designing and installing GPS-based activity cost data systems, to gather real time forest machinery operations data, which you can use to compare the performance of your machinery on different work sites. These GPS systems can be used to benchmark different machinery platforms to get real time performance data, establish safe working loads, accurate cycle times and can be used with your trucking fleet to develop a ‘virtual logbook’ for accurate hauling costs.

Our GPS systems collect data every two seconds, store up to a week’s worth of operation on a flashcard and are non-intrusive to the operator. Typical outputs are area covered, tree/log piece counts, distances, slopes, cycle times, and more. These units can be factory installed in your machines or trucks or installed as an after-market service. We offer one-on-one on-site training to ensure coordination with your operations and your office computer system.

Call us for consulting services tailored to the forest machinery, timber harvesting, forestry and wood products manufacturing industry.