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Natural Resources Consulting

At PAFTI, we seek to deliver exceptional value to our clients by keeping our overhead low and our consulting fees affordable. We have access to particular expertise through our associate consultants, who can provide expert services in your particular field. We currently work in North America and will be expanding our services to cover New Zealand.

We specialize in the design and delivery of vocational natural resource training and
education programs See our 'Current Projects' page for details

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A Summary of our Services...


Policy research; monitoring and drafting of proposed legislation and rulemaking; private, corporate, agency, NGO and legislative liaison; client legislative representation. Deep experience with the National Environmental Policy Act, National Forest Management Act, Federal Land Policy and Management Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, and federal rulemaking for natural resources.

Analysis and Feasibility:

Analysis of current natural resource management operations; identification of new opportunities and improvements; design and implementation of real-time activity costing systems. Monitoring and analysis of proposed federal, corporate, and private actions to elucidate client opportunity and jeopardy; analysis and assessment of private, NGO, and agency partnerships. Specialists in USFS/BLM Stewardship Contract opportunities - bid/RFP analysis and preparation. Other project development and analysis.


Customized workshops and seminars to assist clients in developing practical standards, guidelines, and employee skills for environmental protection and efficient management operations. Specialists in Best Management Practices training for water quality protection and other vocational training for natural resource workers. Development of monitoring, assessment, and adaptive management systems. Development of personnel skills to deliver new programs and utilize new tools.


Project implementation design, execution, and management. Organizing and assisting natural resource multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Specialized Consulting Services...

Visit our Services page for details of the special services we offer. And remember we are always trying to help you plan for the future.